Remembering Tanya

Tanya Renee Baugus designed every page of TexPreps Basketball for the first nine years of the publication.

If you knew Tanya Baugus, you knew she was never a stranger to anyone. And if you are reading this book and did not actually have the privilege of meeting Tanya, my hope and prayer is that by the time you finish reading you will see and know Tanya as your very own personal friend, supporter and encourager.

Tanya’s life was actually kind of an open book. She knew how she was supposed to live to honor God and she expertly carried out that commission. Tanya just acted as she believed we are all called to live. We love God, we help others, we grow in life with the partner we marry. That is why this book is called “Saint, Servant, Soulmate.” These are three words that to me convey the essence of Tanya.

Whether you knew Tanya in her childhood, throughout her school years, at one of her employers, her church, her friends or her loving family, you probably did not know everything about Tanya. That is understandable. None of us truly know EVERYTHING about anyone else, even our closest friends.

I pray that this book offers you some greater insight into the beautiful woman that Tanya was and is now in glory. She was special from the beginning of her life, adopted at birth into the most loving family that raised her to be a lady and to love the Lord. Tanya excelled at both.

Another reason I wanted to honor Tanya by writing this book is to donate a portion of proceeds to the Tanya Baugus Scholarship Fund established by her employer at Coaches Outreach. Tanya was the event coordinator at Coaches Outreach and absolutely found her job calling. Her main love was working the organization’s summer marriage retreats for high school coaching couples.

Tanya openly greeted every couple who attended, whether they were veteran attendees or first-timers. She hugged the couples, she asked about the children, she made them feel warm and welcome from the outset. I know because I occasionally went to a retreat with her and watched her so lovingly set the tone for the weekend by creating a feel of family for every person there.

This scholarship is to help enable couples to be able to attend a retreat. Many need the conference but often cannot afford it. I believe there is no better way to honor the memory and legacy of Tanya than by helping couples in this manner. I know that as she enjoys the rewards of heaven that this is one thing that Tanya would be so proud to see happen in her name. Copies of this book may be purchased at to support the scholarships.

This is one time I will not let Tanya stay behind the scenes. She impacted hundreds of lives in a positive manner. She impacted mine and I want the world to know that she did. She impacted yours because many of you have told me.

R.V. Baugus